Applying Jobs in the Time of Covid

Applying Jobs in the Time of Covid


The impact of coronavirus has shaken the world and forced organizations to come to their feet. An estimate of about (4 out of 5) people’s source of earning has been struck due to the outbreak.

Day-to-day limitations have sealed trades and businesses of several organizations which are also coupled with cost-cutting- on either permanent or temporary basis. The era of social distancing perhaps demands social experiments to yield a course of actions like WFH (work from home), temporary layoffs, changing working patterns, etc. 

Now it’s time to redefine how work is getting done as well as redefining the roles and responsibilities to better get equipped with the emerging needs and technologies of a particular organization, its employees, and clientele. 

Let’s gather a couple of views:

1. Jobs During Pandemic

While in-progress job-search and pandemic is a deadly combination. How come? This virus has not only been successful in affecting humans physically but has also attempted to agitate the country’s economy and stock markets. And job seekers, in search of a job or even applying for a job during the recession period is similar to entering a battlefield and being a Hercules.

2. The Lesser. The Better.

You should concentrate more on applying to a fewer job post. Why? During the recession, it’s better to capsulize institutions you desire to work with and then find a valid job vacancy that will satisfy your requirements and match your career goals. This will indirectly lead you to get your hands on a few quality job applications. Applying for jobs anywhere and everywhere will not reap the benefits during Covid-19.

3. Hand-pick an Organization

Your previous organization might be forced to either narrow down its job recruitment or had to lay off. During the scarcity of employment, businesses are on the verge of development, focusing on staff recruitment or are cost-effective. Within those, there are a few firms backed up by fully-favoured finance and definite developmental policies. Like, education jobs sector is constantly hiring and displaying progress.

4. Say a Goodbye to Leisure

 Dreaded situations are more about endurance. Applying for the next favorable job in a scabrous industry needs redirecting geographies. Sojourning cities where jobs are handy and businesses are fleet-footed can be considered. Don’t wait for the opportunity to knock your door, create one. As none of us knows, when life will get back to normalcy. 

5. Multi-lane Application

Obviously, you cannot solely depend on the jobs portal. You need to expand your horizon and approach recruiters, college mates, or a few alumni associates to find out apt openings in their respective firms. Strengthen your social media profiles to be visible. Invest your time and effort in approaching administrators who might not be among your network.

6. Seek a Source of Income

During these challenging circumstances, it becomes essential that you focus more on earning a source of income and not simply landing up a job. It’s the need for an hour. Hence, everything and anything is of prime importance that satisfies your pocket and your wallet. Freelancing work, contract jobs, freelancing projects, internship programs, commission-based jobs, and online tuitions can help you save some bucks and nurture your skills. This will pave ways to getting hired swiftly and easily, as you already have some in your account. If you know what I mean!

Work-life balance and social distancing is the present-day need. So, work accordingly and be tranquil as the future awaits your presence. Stay in the loop with for more job-related insights.

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