Best Subjects to Study to Get Jobs Overseas

Best Subjects to Study to Get Jobs Overseas


“Courses that can enhance your international job occasions.”

Overseas jobs are a global phenomenon and who wouldn’t want to embark upon it? An average rise of 28% in New Zealand, 16.8% in Australia, and 28% in the UK of Indian students have been witnessed in these countries. Pursuing higher studies and settling for a high paid job is the dream of many. But, barely a few are successful owing to the lack of knowledge, guidance, and instruction. is one the leading job portals to acquire an international acclamation.

However, only the ideal subjects or majors will help you discover your dream job. After all, career decisions are not taken overnight. Here we go!

1. Healthcare

Healthcare industry has witnessed major evolution, especially during the pandemic crisis. And the future is blooming if we take a closer look. From pharmacists, dentists, medical practitioners, health science professionals, medical representative to nurses; all work in synchronization to deliver the best service possible. Hence, pursuing higher studies in the health field will boost your chances of grabbing the best medical field jobs.

2. Engineering/ Technology

As you know; engineering and technology are the most preferred fields among youngsters and is also estimated to yield better job opportunities overseas. As per research, the US generated about 1.6 million jobs (2014), however, the middle-east is known for yielding a plethora of infrastructure jobs. Hence, engineering and construction fields would be the best choice for young minds considering a job overseas.

3. Biotechnology

It’s regarded as one of the leading industries in the present time as machine learning, renewable energy, and media are the need for an hour. With Biomedical Sciences or Biotechnology degrees in hand, there’s a 100% possibility of you acquiring the best job offer with a handsome package.

4. Agribusiness

A boost in the ageing population has been the main cause of concern encompassing food production. And here, agricultural science come to the rescue. You have an upper hand in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe; if you’re pursuing high studies in agricultural science and food technology. The US records an upsurge of about 900 annual openings between 2015-2020 with regards to graduates. The food industry will persist witnessing evolution as it’s the basic need of mankind. The food sector is vast from retail chains to the business analyst. You’ll find the best career prospects.

5. Finance & Risk Management

This is one of the most crucial industries as the country’s economy is dependent on finance. If you’re fond of functioning and application of financial markets, acquisition and allocations of funds. Then finance, insurance, and risk management fields would give you an edge over others. You could either chose to be a finance manager, financial analyst, or finance officer. Possessing great financial abilities will provide you with a variety of transferable skills besides the core domain knowledge.

6. Tourism

Hospitality and tourism industry are the new blues! With travel bugs in youngsters craving to explore and perceive the world differently. Travel and tourism jobs along with hospitality have gained a lot of popularity recently. This is an ever-developing sector.

Other courses that might excite you and hit your nerve include:

a. Digital Media & Communications
b. Psychology and HR
c. Data Science and Analytics
d. Information Technology
e. Aviation & Business Management

“The educational ladder might seem sour, bitter, and even troublesome, but will bear the sweetest fruit of all time.”

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