Countries with Easy PR and Citizenship Option

Countries with Easy PR and Citizenship Option


There’s a cat and mice race when foreign citizenship or permanent residency comes into play.

There’s an all-new world when it paves ways for banking and conducting business in that particular country. Health benefits, minimal living costs, and luring weather follow the suit. It’s a universal fact, to relocate to a developing nation will help you attain the monetary as well as the above benefits.

However, the residency option is quite effortless in developed nations like the US. But citizenship is subjected to some inflexible requirements. You’re also subjected to the taxes in a new country.

While listed below are a few developed countries where permanent residency is easy to acquire.


Expats are likely to fall prey to Brazil’s beauty and climatic charm. You can anticipate a higher living cost. In order to be eligible for a visa, you need documented evidence of about R$6,000 earning a month. And if your belongings include two companions, then you need an additional amount of R$2,000 a month. Migration on an investment visa might require you to spend R$500,000 in relation to laying or buying a new company.

Brazilian citizenship is followed by PR proof of about 4 consecutive years of residence. You need fluency in Portuguese- written and reading both. Another option, you need a residency of about 15 consecutive years prior to you qualify for citizenship.


Does the dream of retiring with your better half in France amaze you? Non-EU citizens will have to embark upon acquiring a long-stay visa. This visa is approved by the French Embassy, provided an individual is planning to stay for more than 3 months. Temporary residency with respect to prospective migrants is valid up to a year and can be renewed. And a residency permit holds the validity of about 10 years and this too can be renewed.

Residency permit requires a stay tenure of around 5 years. You’re also eligible for French citizenship. This particular residency and citizenship serve admittance to education, healthcare, and other varying benefits. You also enjoy European Union citizenship and enjoy visiting EU states.


This would be the most feasible option if you’re planning to move in this “Passion Made Possible” land.


1. Be a spouse or a child to a Singaporean to acquire permanent residency.
2. In a certain scenario, permanent residents are eligible for Singapore citizenship after two years.
3. Students with 3 years (one-year of permanent residency out of 3) of city-state residency are eligible for citizenship.

Note: Singapore Law dictates that permanent residents including all male citizens need to serve active duty in the military of about 2 years. After duty tenure, it also includes 40 days of service a year for up to 50-years old officers, following 40 days of service/year for up to 40-years old.

Other countries that might alarm your travel bug:

1. Study in Canada enjoying hockey, maple syrup, and savage cold winters.
2. Study in Belgium savoring delectable chocolates, waffles, fries, and beer.
3. Study in Australia clicking selfies and attractive photos with those glooming natural wonders, sand-dusted beaches, deserts, and on the country’s outskirts.

Obey each nation’s rules and regulations accordingly. A permanent residency visa will resolve all the daily challenges expats face in a novel destination. It’s always wise to go through inferences thoroughly keeping in mind your own self and your family too.

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