Countries With Stay Back Option

Countries With Stay Back Option


Different reasons influence students to study abroad. It’s either getting a firm hold of the English language, a better academic career, and degree or enjoying the company of international professional associates. All these advantages are well thought of prior to even students decide to pursue higher studies in a different country. Owing to the gigantic job market, foreign lands are the most preferred destination. With all these, you also taste a standardized living. If you’re not fortunate enough to be a seed of these lands, then you obviously have an alternative to building a successful career in these ever-advancing nations.

It’s not an overnight task- it has to be followed by an appropriate degree. Hence, this blog post has been specifically drafted to help you find countries with stay back alternative. It might be either Canada, the UK, Australia, or the most favored one; the USA. Unsurprisingly, norms and traditions differ from one country to another. So, young graduates need to think and work accordingly.

Let’s help you with the best:


Being one of the leading educational destinations after the USA. Canadian universities can be your one-stop-top destination due to its affable immigration policies. With a top-notch education system coupled with a dynamic economic flow, a Canadian degree will help you stay back after academic completion.

Visa Pre-requisites after a degree:

a. You need to complete the 18th orbit of your age. b. Secondly, you need to complete a study duration of 8 months in Canada.

Note: This post-study work permit or visa will be valid for up to 3 years. It’s similar to the duration of the term-time. While your studies in Canada; try to say it as the Canadians say it: “we’re not colder, we’re cooler.”


You can surely count on Australia as your study station. Why? It’s a hub to many recognized universities. Regardless of your field of study, you are approved of working for about 2 years in this land of Kangaroos. This won’t affect your work permit process. There’s NOTHING like Australia when it comes to burgeon economy, ground-breaking career prospects, and dynamic culture.

Visa permit after studies:

a. Master’s or Bachelor’s degree or

b. Ph.D. (Doctoral)

Besides, your proficiency in the English language will also be evaluated:

a. PTE: Overall score of about 6.5, shouldn’t be lower than 50

b. IELTS: A score of 6.5, no lesser than 6

Diploma degrees won’t help you get a work permit. Study in Australia with the best and flourishing universities.


No doubt, why Americans say it “In GOD We Trust!” International students trust the educational structure of the USA. The US Embassy, still claims an increase of about 12-13% in terms of the figure of students visiting to study in the USA for higher studies.


a. F1 Visa allows students for an Optional Practical Training opportunity in their field of study.

b. Also, you can even switch from F1 VISA to H1B Visa.

c. With H1B Visa you can work for about 3 years, extendable up to 6 years.

The UK

This is one of the longed-for study terminuses for students globally. But there’s always a hiccup following a greater victory.

Work Permit in the UK?

The UK administration witnessed certain amendments in regards to a post-study work visa. Previously students were allowed a stay-back duration of about 4 months followed Ph.D. students with an allowance of a year. But, current modifications permit international students to enjoy a stay-back period of about 2 years after studies.

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