Employment Opportunities for Freshers

Employment Opportunities for Freshers

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Employment Opportunities for Freshers

 “Freshers Job Opportunities” a great challenge when you are a fresh graduate. Feeling of being fresh, is good till when you are a University Student or a Intern. The Newness and liberty to look up to your seniors who’d throw parties for you and it would all be a gala time where people are ready there to make sure they help you with your studies etc. Gone are the times when seniors were mean and would start raging the freshers or juniors (Which was wrong on so many ethical, civic, mental and individual levels)

Moving ahead of this span, after your education is complete the term “fresher’s or “freshers jobs” is entirely a different concept. You still are fresh but with great knowledge (with an internship program which I strongly advise you must take up during your graduation years because it adds to the base building of your professional approach and dealing with things are easier.

Students in their student life must have ambitious dreams and aspirations about the type of life and work they want to do. As a fresher, there are plenty of Freshers job opportunities around. A fresher needs to choose the right type of freshers job that is suitable to his/her skills and liking. But when they actually start working for any organization, they realize that things are not going as per their expectations and imagination. Whether you are working for a start-up company or a more structured organization, it is not right for you to hope to stay in your comfort zone and fulfil all your career aspirations.

  1. Lack of practical knowledge in Freshers Job: A Fresher must have achieved very good marks throughout his student life, but now that you are in the business world, you wonder how to make things go smoothly. Do not blame yourself. In college, what you have learned is only the theoretical details and the applications of the same thing in the real world only begin now. If you feel that you do not know anything about something, do not hesitate to ask for help. Most organizations have mentors responsible for training first year students. Try to find who your mentor is and contact them for advice.
  2. Lack of networking skills as a Fresher: Networking is one of the most important things for a successful career, but some beginners do not have this ability. The introverted Freshers are struggling to work effectively in a network. However, the sooner you learn this survival technique, the better the business life will be. Make a conscious effort to great people when you meet them and start a small discussion whenever possible. It’s not because you were shy as a student that you cannot be an outgoing professional.
  3. Lack of confidence in a Fresher’s Opinion – It is important to express your opinion in the business world, but some newcomers can face this problem. Many times, they might think that what they are doing is not right or have better ways of doing their job. Because of their lack of experience in the field, they may have some inhibitions as to the possibility of expressing their opinions. However, the only way to progress in your career is to trust your abilities and express them.
  4. Afraid to look stupid as a Fresher: you can get a great job, but at first you realize that the workplace is overly serious and professional. In such an environment, it is difficult for you to ask questions because you fear being judged. But do not worry. Everyone knows that you are a fresher. They are serious in their work but do not expect to know everything. So stay calm and focus on your own tasks.
  5. Not being able to take criticism – The students are not criticized as much as professionals are and eventually these thing stake turns on the personal approach of students since this acts like an emotional turmoil for them which acts as a barrier in their professional growth.
  6. Limited Enjoyment – Once you start working the access that you had to your life starts getting lesser and lesser because hen you are new the concept of work and life balance is entirely a far away light to you, the 9 hours environment after 5 hours of college environment becomes so difficult for them.
  7. Corporate Level Politics- The fresher eventually gets stuck in things that they shouldn’t, they start making friends whereas most people believe in the concept “Be friendly with people at work and not friends” your place of work shouldn’t know a lot more than they know professionally.

But freshers are the ones who with right approach make a great base to live the rest of their life comfortably. Be open to learning, unlearn the things and habits that make you snobbish and understand that knowledge is a great source of power which further attracts money.

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