How to apply for Foreign Jobs

How to apply for Foreign Jobs

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How to apply for Foreign Jobs

Apply for Foreign Job or going abroad is a dream for many, but unless you have a small fortune to support yourself during your stay, you will need to find a way to work abroad to make it happen. It is not a small task. In addition to the usual stress of looking for a job and dominating the masses, you will also have to go through a visa process to be able to legally work in another country.

The good news is that it is worth it.

The new and deeper understanding you gain from becoming a member of a foreign workforce is unlike any other travel experience you have ever had. This gives you the opportunity to build lasting relationships with people from other countries, to see how the rest of the world works and to learn things you would not normally do in your own country. You could find a better way to do things while working abroad that could totally transform your career, but at least you will make a unique encounter with a foreign land. Working in another country, rather than visiting it, allows you to truly be part of that culture and embrace it fully.

Are you ready to work outside your country? We are here to show you how to apply for foreign jobs.

Step 1: Find a position

The first and perhaps most difficult task of applying for foreign jobs is to find vacancies and position suitable to your experience and education. It’s confusing, because there is no definite model for finding jobs abroad, no website lists all the jobs open to Indians around the world, and you probably will not have many people in your country. life to advise you. But, there are vacancies, you only need to know where and how to apply for foreign jobs.

Foreign Contacts & Networking

Networking is essential to finding a foreign jobs in all situations. These days, networking is old-fashioned – through word of mouth, friends and parties – and online. LinkedIn is a great place to start mingling with CEOs, start-ups, etc., and maybe even have a few breaks at work.

Create a profile that stands out. Even if once your name, photo and details are online, you never know who will find you. But do not just watch, be proactive. Ask people or overseas job consultants hiring on behalf of potential companies abroad to connect. Maybe even send them a message asking them to choose their brains. Check out job postings every day based on your preferences. In addition, join groups on LinkedIn as well as Facebook for people in your profession as well as other interests. Very often, start-ups or employers of large companies post on online groups looking for candidates from around the world because they do not want to pay recruiters to do it for them.

If you have graduated from a university, use your alumni association to create contacts. See what the rest of your colleagues are doing. If some of them are working abroad, contact them and see how they found the foreign job and if they know of other companies looking for overseas employees(Candidates). Go to the alumni event too. In fact, attend as many events as possible for people in your field. Usually, different parties and mixes will attract foreign visitors to the same career. Choose their brain and form a relationship. You never know where a conversation will take you.

Do not sit and watch, be proactive. Ask people hiring on behalf of potential companies abroad to connect. Check out job postings every day based on your preferences.

Foreign Job Fairs

Attend Foreign job fairs. They exist, just search on Google for the phrases “foreign job fair ” or “job fair abroad“, then the name of your nearest city and you will find the events that are ‘concentrate there. You will be able to see which companies recruit people in their offices abroad. You could even go through an on-site interview, but at least you’ll have your foot in the door.

Foreign Companies

Rather than directly applying, say, a British company, hoping to move to London, apply for jobs in US companies with offices around the world. Companies like Price Waterhouse and Cooper, Wells Fargo, Datacom, Hilton and Conde Nast are present around the world. They are also looking for people who are willing to travel and move abroad.

Foreign Jobs search engines

Like home, websites like, Craigslist, Monster and Gumtree are great sources for finding work abroad, but it’s essential to check out your country’s job search engines. your choice. at Craigslist USA for a job in Australia. In fact, although Craigslist is useful in many countries around the world, it is hardly known in Australia. For this country, you will want to use sites like Seek and Gumtree to search for foreign jobs. Use this method for all countries in which you wish to apply. Some jobs will indicate in their description that they are open to sponsorship. Some websites even have a filter to help you search for businesses specifically looking for US citizens or English speakers. But at the very least, you will see where in fact you are hiring in foreign countries and you will have a chance to advertise your name.

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