Importance of Internship during studies

Importance of Internship during studies


The main aim behind pursuing higher studies is adequately to devise students so that they attain greater endeavours and future prospects. During your term-time, more emphasis is laid on the merit of empirical learning.

This is where life’s crucial aspect like job shadowing come into play. An experience is what beat experience. There’s much more beyond completing assignments and appearing for exams. Your participation in extra-curricular activities, apprenticeships, and internships; will all make your career route and university experiences fairer.

There are certain degrees that demand compulsory internship program followed by work placements.

A Push That Will Mark Excellence. An overseas internship is another thrilling yet exciting escapade to perceive the world differently and acquire an accredited foreign degree. Students willing to jumpstart their careers in the healthcare industry will most likely require a sturdy portfolio and CV as a support system, for instance. Why? Health management jobs mostly revolve around practical work experience coupled with theoretical knowledge.

Internships will give you an edge over other students. As employers seek innovative minds possessing real-world experiences. This will strengthen your application when you apply graduate schemes in the latter stage of your career.

Employer’s Demand. Globalization and digitalization are the need for an hour. The global economy is evolving rapidly with the passage of time. Hence, the demand for technologically advanced students is escalating day-by-day. To cope up with the present economic crisis, businesses and employers are on the hunt for those who’re knowledgeable, skill-oriented, and backed up by proven potentials.

Career VS Curves. Short duration internships will offer you similar perks as full-time in-built program opportunity. You’ll reap the benefits of both namely- transferable skills and technical know-how. As “nothing can be as lethal as a thing with a creative mind.” What can be better than being supervised by an expert in the field? You can take up an internship during any time of your academic career. Be it summer internship, paid internship, unpaid internship, or an online internship; you can use your goodness and morals for networking with the best people in the market.

That said, another crucial aspect of an internship program- your resume will portray your accomplishment stories. “An internship that will add memories to your life resume.”


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