Job Interview questions and preparations

Job Interview questions and preparations

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Job Interview questions and preparations

No matter how many times you may have attended it, job interview questions can always cause you serious nervous problems. You wear your best clothes and you are always ready to go to the table but the thoughts about what will the person ask you will still cause a small amount of shiver in your confident self.

Let’s run through few Job interview questions that are asked frequently, we may update this or write a new blog from time to time make sure you don’t forget to go through it once.

So, let us first talk about the basic points that these questions come from:

  1. Your Resume – If your resume is good and informative enough, they would ask you questions from your resume.  If your resume is not good and causes multiple confusion, they would ask you questions about it. So the trick is to make an effective resume you can refer “How to make a resume?” in our next blog.
  1. Your answers to the Job Interview questions– If your answers to the job interview questions are good and engaging enough it would be one of the greatest interviews and if it is not good enough or you are beating around the bush your interviews may turn into nightmares since many interviewers take turns with the answers that they get for the questions that they ask.
  2. Your Job experience – Most interviewers are crisp and they want to stick to knowing if you are capable to do the job and are fit for the position for which they are hiring new candidates. Your top job interview questions are most likely based on the job position and experience that you may have.

*Be rational, transparent and confident.

  1. Current Affairs – Current affairs interest is the most frequently asked question in the job interview by the employers to see if the person that they are hiring is updated enough with what is going on, I recall of giving an interview around BREXIT (Britain’s exit from European union for trade etc.) I was asked questions on this one. Where I answered a few and then to the one that I didn’t I was clear’/firm and confident enough to politely accept that I don’t know much about it and wouldn’t know how to answer that question.

Let’s discuss few top interview questions:

  1. Tell me something about yourself?

Start with your personal life and keep it crisp talk more about your areas of interest personally as well as professionally.

Talk about your experiences that added value to you professionally and close it

  1. Why do you want to work for our company?

This type of interview question puts most of us in a position where we don’t really know what to say, for that make sure you once go through the mission and goals of this organisation and use them in your answer by saying because I believe in similar   missions and goals or that this is a growing organisation and there will be so much to learn and for my skill I would have a lot to offer while I wish to be associated with something that is growing and potentially humongous.

3.   How did you hear about this job vacancy?

Tell them that you were keen on doing a job in this company and you kept on looking for job opportunities with them and then put  across from wherever you came to know about it. Like social media, friend’s reference, company website etc.

4.   Why are you looking for a new job?

Be upfront enough to tell them about whatever it is that you are looking for a better career prospect, better opportunities, a  salary hike, whatever it is sell yourself effectively and then for the next part refer our blog. How to negotiate a job offer?

5.   Why should we hire you?

Talk about your professional achievements, co relate between company’s aspirations and then talk about why they should. (Also   refer   to answer 2)

6.   Where do you see yourself in next five years?

I have never really understood this question or have been asked nor have I ever asked this question in any of the job interviews that I have conducted, I believe this is to see the  foresight and determination of an employee. I would answer this question with a mix of my prioritize that may include living in a pent house apartment, being the zonal head or regional head, supporting a cause on weekend and making sure that the  company and I are making money! You may answer this question basis whatever you aspire to have, I suggest to keep it personalized and because this is a professional question with personality trait headers to it.

7.   What do you expect from your manager?

A great job interview question and one of my favourite ones, I think this is where one can set expectation just so right, I mean if you have ever needed some kind of support from your partner in      the past and you didn’t get it you may talk about it, But remember to stay rational rather than emotional. Profession is about rational decisions.

  1. Ask your manager to speak to you one on one most of the times.
  2. Ask them if it is okay to approach to him/her for things that you are confused about?
  3. Ask for aid in building your professional skills and place a need to have a feedback session from time to time.
  4. Borrow time for you to learn and assure them that you will take some time but once you do, you would be perfect (Don’t just say it, do it too)
  5. I would expect my manager to be approachable enough and I trust that they will be (This helps building a trust and rapport between) don’t overdo.

For now, this is all that we got if you got more questions that you would need help on comment below and we would get back to you at the earliest.

            I hope this helps! Always here and happy to answer.

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