The recent scenario owing to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has caused the global economy to kneel down. Hence, millions of jobs are at stake and many more will be; post-Covid-19 era.

A whopping scenario wherein the US government was forced to curtail around 701,000 jobs. and an enormous unemployment rate marked ever since. With companies embarking upon the all-new era of social experimenting in the form of report work availability, the industry and people’s lives have been impacted severely. Now the question arises, “when will the life get back to normalcy?” or “when can we expect the job market to recover post-Covid-19?”

Take a deep sigh before going through this blog post. If you’re on the edge of applying for a new job, planning to switch your career or have other dynamic endeavours, then be careful and be attentive.

Digital Transformation. Offices, employment portals, and staff recruitment services have witnessed a significant transition recently. Welcome to the era of ‘remote-working-’ both employers and employees have started using digital mediums to stay connected. Skype and Zoom have replaced the so-called notion of face-to-face communication.

And digitalization is not just restricted to above-mentioned aspects, the e-learning and e-commerce industry has learned to survive during this dreaded situation. Though post-Covid-19 predictions are tough to define yet. It’s imperative that several companies would trim their respective office spaces with cost-cutting following the suit. Digitalized companies will be the new BLUES! So, will be a rise in demand for employees who can fit perfectly into the regime and support online business development.

Renewable Energy Transformation. Climatic change is another factor to be dealt with after the health crisis and downfall of the global economy. A few countries all over the world have policies set in place to support the green economy.

Such policy initiatives have emerged as a blessing during this crossroad. Previously, the major development sector of construction seemed to escape the country’s recession. But, presently, the green economy will be the most logical approach to get on with. The renewable energy sector has been estimated to forecast about $100 trillion global GDP credits in the coming 30 years.

This will, in turn, boost the economy at the same time will deal with the climatic emergency. This investment would generate global GDP gains of about $98tn by the year 2050. This would yield a profit of $3-8 per dollar capitalized. Indirectly contributing to raising employability in the renewable energy sector.

With cloud computing to be the need for an hour. You shouldn’t be surprised if you witness other sectoral transformations in:

a. Construction & IT sector
b. Healthcare Sector
c. Cyber Security
d. Media Sector
e. Aviation Sector
f. Hospitality & Tourism Sector, etc.

Final Note. The endnote of the pandemic is likely to shake the world but for a Better Tomorrow! This will ask governments to put in extra efforts to eradicate unemployment efficiently. The sectors discussed above have experienced significant growth before the outbreak. During the present crisis, the investment level will soar high and ultimately will help combat the crisis.

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