Jobs by designation

Jobs by designation


Jobs by designation

When looking for a job people prefer looking for a job by designation from the company designation list because most designations have similar skills set, experience and packages. Thus, job hunt is easier to land in appropriate opportunities.

We all acknowledge that everyone can not be a leader in a day and to make the business reach to a goal; all job designations hold equal importance.

Designations have their own stand. It is important to allocate work amongst the employees and to rely on someone who’d take complete ownership of the specific tasks, like sales executive rolls to the business development manager or a sales manager who are skilled, experienced and competent enough to make the ultimate objective meet.

A data analyst, business analyst rolls to an operation manager, likewise a trainee rolls to his trainer or an Assistant manager this reporting hierarchy motivates the people at designations to get the work done effectively.

The simplest reason to have an organizational structure or designation is to have a good division of labor / employment to achieve the business goal.

We are here to serve the purpose of job fulfillment for

  1. Top Officers – The President, the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, the Vice President, the Chief Financial Officer, etc. crucial people essential to direct and direct the efforts of others. Managers working at this level have maximum authority.
  2. Mid-level management: Its management level is made up of department heads such as: purchasing manager, sales manager, finance manager, marketing director, general manager, factory superintendent, etc. The people in this group are responsible for executing plans and policies made by the Top level.
  3. Level of supervision, operational level or lower level of management – this level includes supervisors, superintendent, foreman, and heads of sub-departments; clerk, etc. The leaders of this group actually perform the work or carry out the activities in accordance with the plans of senior and middle management.

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