Must-Have Traits for a Career Portal Today!
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Must-Have Traits for a Career Portal Today!


Globalization and hiring is an unavoidable aspect of any organization. People hunt for ways to yield greater outcomes at minimal costs. Be it micro or macro businesses, each of them desires to earn a penny of their capitalization to equate the expenditure. With numerous hiring solutions rising out of the blue today, investing in a staunch career portal is worth the investment. Since web-based career portal jobs or recruitment portals are escalating, there’s a paradigm in companies moving from offline recruitment to e-recruitment. Thereby, it becomes mandatory for career portals to possess certain defining characteristics. Here we go with some of the acceptable and handpicked ones:

1. Compatible Hiring Tools

Since each organization is followed by exceptional needs, the hiring process may also differ. Stipulations and needs often change on the basis of organizational scale, target industry, and the level of career you choose to hire. Like, there’s a difference between hiring an entrant and an experienced professional. Here your ATS plays an essential role in adapting to varying recruitment functions.

2. User Interface

An easy-to-use user interface defines a perfect job search portal. The web design of a job portal goes hand-in-hand with its traction and value. A well-established web layout followed by a simple user interface enhances both the elegance and efficiency of a career portal. Here customized web development would complete the task successfully.

3. Company’s Goodwill

As the saying goes; “a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person…” It’s essential for a firm to portray the brand image and goodwill of the organization aptly. As career conscious candidates focus mainly on the organization as against the job. An ideal career portal is the one that serves the company’s work culture niche rather than simply listing the vacancies. Correct your brand and hire the best talent. This is the present-day mantra. Traits like:
a. Portal design and layout
b. Brand compliance
c. Fluent capabilities
d. Mobile-friendliness

4. Candidature Process

Well; young and dynamic applicants avoid stuffing long-tail forms. Hence, it’s a must to cross-check the options a software offers to seize candidate’s information within minimized grating. Here you go:
a. Resume creation, uploading, and importing options
b. Keywords, job descriptions, job roles, and location-based search
c. A swift application flow

5. Rationalized HR Procedure

Career portals are meant for more than just capturing applications. Even HR activities find great ease with these portals. Starting from application tracking to mass communication; these portals are one-stop top solutions for any establishment.

6. Effortless Interview Scheduling

The best job search portals are the ones that deliver easy and direct interview scheduling wherein both parties (job seeker and employer) mutually agree to a specific time devoid of manual setting through a call or an email.

7. Find the Best Talent

These portals must escape irrelevant resumes. Hence, a sturdy filtration system can save an ample amount of time as recruiters can simply focus on ideal candidates who can swiftly get through the hiring cycle. Secure a relevant talent with:
a. Automated screening
b. Advanced CV search
c. Quiz and tests

8. An All-inclusive Talent Documenting

When looking out for the best talent in the industry is considered, varying sources come into play like job sites, social media sites, partner sites, referral sites, etc. Your best possible solution should offer your hiring team an ability to concentrate all their hiring efforts into an integrated lake of talent.

The above-mentioned traits can help you a long way to decide the genuineness of the hand-picked platform. And practically weigh the profit and loss scale. With the world bestowed with different career portals on a broad spectrum, you can capture the sight of picking the best-in-class hiring partner.

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