Top Job Skills worth Six-Figure Salary in 2019

Top Job Skills worth Six-Figure Salary in 2019


Top Job Skills worth Six-Figure Salary in 2019

There is always a question mark, when looking for a high income skills job, that do my job skill is listed in top job skills worth six figure salary? Can I become rich in doing regular full time job? For decades, companies have often insisted that candidates had degrees in certain fields and years of experience with certain keywords in their job titles & high income skills to learn, in order to short-list their resume. If you did not have them, it would be a lot harder for you to be considered for a skilled job.

The world of work is going through a large-scale transition, much like the transition between the agricultural economy and the industrial revolution. We are now in the age of digitization, automation and acceleration – a time when high income skills and expertise will be critical to our economic success.

It is time for these patterns to end. For most of the job skills, it is not mandatory  to have a professional degree like masters or doctorate gained from some expensive business school; an undergraduate degree is more than enough. But, you must have that top job skills employers want for the position you wish to apply.

In this context, the most important part of someone’s curriculum vitae is no longer an education or even an experience. The most important part, are the types of high income skills the candidate may have.

The top job skills have taken over many loopholes like stability, lack of experience etc. to be ignored while considering the skills that one has. Tossing on the experience part may be a little risky but at the end of the day we have all seen people with 10 years of experience reporting to someone with lesser experience.

The skills that supersede everything else have another base of employers altogether, with some market research and self-experience here are some of the top job skills in 2019, that might help you get six figure salary or at least push you towards achieving it.

List of High-Income Skills You Need to Know:

Personal Skills:

  • Self-Discipline: This skill is a personal trait that affects one professional trait to another level, a person who has self-discipline is often respected and taken seriously at their work place at any given point of time.
  • Positive Attitude: This skill has a lot to do with one person’s progress because being able to take criticism is the key to multiple doors that lead to success.
  • Humble Team player: No matter what designation one is at, being a humble team player is always a thing that keep every one inspired, motivated and content enough to be willing to wakeup and come to workplace.
  • Willingness to learn: Willingness to learn is what distinguishes people with experience from people with skills. And guess who gets wins?
  • Effective Communication: From most of my personal experience I have learnt that most of what you do or make people do is on the basis of the communication that you can hold up and the entire dynamics of one’s survival is reliant on the communication.

Professional Skills:

  1. Software Development:

In the digital era, where food gets delivered to your doorstep and technology is taking thrilling terms multiple apps are doing things that were not even dreamed or roughly thought about. A Software developer uses his skills to work in the field of technology or web development as a programmer, coder or designer, elevate your skills to the next level by learning applications and software development programs. Software developers create software and design databases, which are now the spine of any business being incorporated. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the median annual salary, as of May 2018, was $ 104,480 in US.

In India this may sum up as high as ₹1,100K pa for software developers. The best part about this skill is that one may work on same project and sell it to multiple clients by improvising basis their need (What Oracle does on commercial level individuals can do it on their level (This approach is also cost effective to the companies).  People with software skills can work on multiple project since they know many languages etc. great deal there!!!!!!

  1. Digital Marketing – With the evolution of the new digital era, there is minimal reach that the traditional marketing manager has; the access to attract maximum targeted customers is on the finger tip now, people are so busy looking into their phones that they no longer look at the huge This has influenced the need for a digital marketing promotions and no wonder that digital marketing creates huge impacts to the business growth. Lots of local & international businesses have experienced a new level of success in sales after initiating internet marketing. An average internet marketer makes up to 69k per month and more. Most of these internet marketers take up freelance projects too which pays them well.
  1. Finance/Forex Management: Making money is considered easy, keeping it consistent isn’t; that’s where others here make money because they keep our money stable as well as help us make more money from this money in place. With emerging markets in different sectors, the base for all the emergence is money, they make money as high as ₹2,107K. Forex Trader, Chartered Accountants, Trade advisor, Investment bankers, Finance compliance managers
  1. Teaching and Motivating: Teaching skills and motivation skills have been going hand in hand in the past decade now it is more about experiences than just teachings, and life experiences need motivation because we are all human. People highly skilled in these skills can make money as high as ₹737K or more. People in these sectors aren’t bonded by limits they can take up freelancing very effectively.

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