UAE Job Market- The Scenario

UAE Job Market- The Scenario


Undoubtedly; the pandemic has shaken up the job market globally. The pandemic has redefined the entire working phenomenon as well as the expertise required to survive in the competitive job market.

It’s basically ‘do or die’ situation both for employers and the employees. The entire Gulf region including UAE has been dependent on the talent and skills of employees outside the region. But, there’s a paradigm shift in the working patterns. Owing to the travel restrictions, employers have started upgrading the skills and training of the workforce operational at present. They have started recruiting candidates from within the UAE. A blessing- as UAE residents won’t struggle outside the country as there’s an availability of jobs in UAE.

Being the entrepreneurial hub, UAE is a symbol of constant prosperity and triumph despite inauspicious times. One in five UAE citizen is a millionaire. A record in itself.

With the job market coming back to normalcy slowly and steadily, the hiring process in UAE is once again gaining a rise but there are always twists and turns in the industry. Candidates are now willing to settle for any role at any remuneration just to be on board. Others are ready to acquire novel skillsets just to serve the platter. With digitalization booming across the globe online courses did manifold the opportunities for freelancers.

Job Market Curve

The pandemic crisis surprisingly forced applicants to work in any field irrespective of their field expertise and experience. They are ready to consider any opportunity from any employer merely to avoid being unemployed. Most instances either mark rejection or lower remuneration.

And the most common sector that witnessed a boost in recruitment without any relevant skills is the hospitality industry. Applicants without any hesitation are ready to upgrade their skills and talents. Digital space, namely, data science, scrum, and RPA are soaring high.

Which Sectors Are Ruling?

Sectors like hospitality, recreation, travel and tourism jobs have been the most affected one forcing candidates globally to change their course of action together with career paths.  The job industry is the criterion of the worst backlash that has been witnessed globally during the outbreak.

On a career note; the Covid-19 pandemic did haunt our career prospects and dreams. We all are guilty of a sudden career shift. But, if this outbreak has been successful in shaking our personal and professional lives. It has also been prosperous in opening new gates of survival. It did lead us to a more promising path against a prosaic routine job.

Freelancing jobs are not less than buoyant. Keeping in mind the present circumstances, freelancers enjoy the freedom of working on their own either temporarily or permanently. Employers are fond of freelancers due to their individual trait of working. They’re saved from training, capitalizing, or facilitating other usual inputs.

Regardless of any odds, the UAE is yet to be a tough beast to get over with. It’s the most preferred destination for working abroad professionals who desire to have a fair share in the success story. With the speeding up of ongoing projects in industries like FMCG, IT & telecommunications, Statistics and Data Mining, there’s a hope of brightness and expectations among the job seekers as long as employment is considered. As it is rightly said, “for every dark night, there’s a brighter day!”

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