Masters in Digital Communication

    Czech College

Course Description :
    This course is a continuation of BSc Multimedia – Digital Communication. Those who directly join to the Master Programme will have a restructured Syllabus. First Year Semester I Report end of internship Jury – Semester 1 Internship abroad Semester II Common Core Marketing 1 : Marketing & Product Launch Marketing & Market Research Consumer Marketing & Sociology Competitive marketing The marketing & product strategy Digital marketing strategy Social media marketing Call for tender strategy Legal Communication Company 9 : Marketing and communication From Birth of ideas to conception Relationship advertiser Marketing strategy to Communication strategy Writing and Editing Communication Company 10 : Strategy and targets Targets, strategy and research Image Processing & Television Communication Plan Strategy contentBAP – Project Bidding Jury – Tender – Semester 2 LANGUAGE English Sports (12 optional) Associative humanitarian activity Business meetings Participation in school life International Week Second Year Semester I Common Core Management 1 : Management & Creative Company Innovation Management Project Management & Marketing Data Mining & Data Visualization Management & Strategy Team Management Tools Management & Development of a Business Plan Human Resources Negotiation Communication Company 11 Management / Finance Business plan and brainstorming Financial Communication and Digital Communication Team coaching and innovation Engineering and Cultural Communication Semester II Communication Company 12 Commercial Engineering Engineering and Commercial Human Ressources Strategy and Communication Strategy content International Communication BAP – Business Plan Project – Semester 1 Examining committee – Business Plan – Semester 1 English – Semester 1 Sports ( 12 optional ) Associational activity / Humanitarian – Semester 1 Participation in school life Business meetings International Week Report end of internship Jury Certification Internship abroad Accession Jobs
    Any Graduate
Application Procedure :
    Send Checklist on Resume Passport copy front and last page All mark sheet and Passing certificate Any work experience
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