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    DBA or "Doctor of Business Admainistration" is a post-graduate doctoral program designed for business professionals with experience in their field who want to enhence their professional practice combining academic rigor and managerial relevance. The goal of DBA for every student is to contribute to the state of the art knowledge in chosen area of study through management research within current and futur work settins. DBA candidates must already possess an MBA, MSC in a business-related fieldor an equivalent master's degree. The Preparatory section : Throughout the year, ITSMI also offers a complete program to prepare entrance exams for students wishing to enroll in Graduate Business Schools. The Language section : In the globally-connected environment of business, our mission at ITSMI is to give students the best chance of success on the job market. That is why we also offer language programs in French, English and Spanish at different levels which are key to an international career.
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