MBA – Digital and Retail Banking

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Course Description :
    Full-time program taught in English ( Duration : 1 Year ) Background Banks, being the major stakeholders in the economy, have to understand and adopt innovations and technologies that can help them transform their business models and keep up with the customer who now prefers digital to physical. Banks need to be able to devise digital strategies to guide their customers and protect their interests in the digital revolution that is happening now. In the last few last years, the traditional retail banking saw its model deeply disrupted by the influx of digital alternatives. General Objective The aim of the MBA Digital and Retail Banking is to train future professionals in the digital banking sector. The teaching methods revolve around three broad topics: to follow, understand and ideate on the digital transformation of banks, to acquire and master the financial and digital skills required in today’s commercial banking sector and to train experts to combine multidisciplinary skills with efficient project management. Digital transformation Retail banking is among the industries, which have been profoundly changed by telecom and Internet services that enable clients to be connected always. Banks need to redesign their organizational structure, rethink their management strategies and train their staff to achieve digital transformation. The shift to the digital is a project of huge scale for most banks as it impacts all activities, including the front and back office. It is a strategic change, which requires the staff to develop a whole new set of competencies. Program Overview At the end of the program, students are required to do a 6-month internship with a company of their choice (anywhere in the world) where they can put their knowledge to practice. SEMESTER 1 UPGRADING SESSIONS WEBSITE & APPLICATION CREATION DATA MINING FOR E-COMMERCE & E-MERCHANDISING DIGITAL COMMUNICATION & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WEB PROJECT MANAGEMENT BANKING TECHNICS & ASSET MANAGEMENT SEMESTER 2 BUSINESS MODELS OF RETAIL BANK PRODUCTS & SERVICES OF RETAIL & CORPORATE BANKING WEALTH MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION OF BANKING PROFESSION BANKING CONTROL E-BANK STRATEGY & DIGITAL BANKING RELATION Examples of Courses Products and Services of Retail Banking & Corporate banking The course introduces the students to the features of retail and corporate banking and the management of existing products and services. The aim is to understand and master the existing products that are marketed in retail and corporate banking so they have the knowledge to develop new ones. Banking control The aim of this course is to expose the students to methods of internal control and auditing in commercial banks and the tools and techniques used. Business model of retail bank Retail banking has to reinvent its business model to retain the trust that is placed on it by customers, markets and institutions. The demands placed on it by new consumption habits of the customer, the digital transformation that is happening, arrival of new banking organizations and introduction of new regulations can only be met by rethinking the strategy and the long-term modus operandi of banks. Banks have to rethink what they offer their customers, invest on the customer relationship, innovate to accommodate the digital transition, and improve their operating efficiency in spite of all the new changes they face.
    Entry requirements Applicants must have 120 American credits, or 240 ECTS credits. Yet, applicants with 90 American credits or 180 ECTS credits and 2 years of professional experience can be candidates for the MBA. English test IELTS 6.0 or equivalent requested
Application Procedure :
    Send Checklist on Resume Passport copy front and last page All mark sheet and Passing certificate Any work experience
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