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Franchise Business Proposal

Would you like to invest in a unique recruitment franchise opportunity that is stable and rewarding?


Be a Headhunter - Join the Angel-Jobs Global Franchisee Network:


Headhunters our exclusive Recruitment Franchisee Business Opportunity is a great option if you are looking to start your own business or diversify without having to worry about starting from scratch. Not only would you be entering a tried and tested business model, but also you won't need to invest in creating the brand afresh – since you will be part of our fast growing global franchisee network.


Also,according to a recent RBS/NatWest survey, over 95% of franchise businesses are profitable in the first year. Compare this with a failure rate of up to 80% for non-franchise businesses within the first 5 years. Still, if statistics don’t impress you much, consider this…


The recruitment industry tops the list of the world’s most active business sectors, giving you the opportunity to leverage from this highly profitable industry. And as the downturn has more or less ended, businesses are constantly hunting worldwide to hire people with the right skills and experience. 


By being part of the Angel-Jobs.com Franchisee Network, you will have the benefit of using a recognized brand to attract customers (i.e., prospective companies and candidates) in your territory,which in turn will create a constant revenue stream for you. You will also gain from the already established client base to reference from.


Why become a Angel-Jobs.com franchise?


  • More secure way to start your own business: If you start a business on your own then the likelihood is that unless you know the marketplace, you will have to learn as you go and you are more likely to make avoidable mistakes. As our franchisee you will get the benefits of tried, tested and proven processes and procedures employed in the recruitment industry, which have evolved and become more foolproof over time. You will also receive the initial and continuing support that you will need to sustain your business.
  • Better business opportunity: Angel-Jobs.com is a cost-effective way to build your recruiting firm without incurring big startup costs or additional overheads and sans the hassle of developing your own business plan which may or may not work. As a Headhunter @ Angel-Jobs.com, you will have the advantage of being part of a worldwide network, with growing resources, clients and candidates, thus building a stronger business and generating a better revenue stream.
  • Ethical standards of business: Franchisees at Angel-Jobs.com are selectively chosen to ensure higher standards of professionalism, trust and integrity.
  • Increased pool of candidates: Angel-Jobs Headhunters can provide clients with a larger and better selection of qualified candidates - in less time than those who are not part of our network, since our growing franchisee presence in respective territories worldwide can offer a verified candidate database with our sound background check process.
  • Wider geographic/industry specialization: You can increase your scope of service both by specialty and geography, since we offer access to experts in niche industries and select occupational fields worldwide. Thus giving clients the advantage of choosing from the crème de la crème, for a particular role or responsibility.
  • More opportunities for candidates: Angel-Jobs allows Headhunters to offer candidates a wider choice of opportunities, owing to its global network and in effect a fast growing portfolio of companies from various industry segments.
  • Cost-effective business expansion: Franchisee owners will be able to further expand their territory / network without having to hire, train or support additional employees or infrastructure. We can also offer expert assistance and valuable intra-franchise leads & referrals.
  • Increased flow of information: Angel-Jobs’ update mechanism will keep partners better informed of market opportunities and innovative recruiting techniques, that will give you the definite edge over competitors.
  • Advanced business resources: You will have access to specialized training / reference materials, guidelines, recruiting resources, professional networking / peer interaction, information sharing / discussions etc with other franchisee owners or members, which will help you steadily build and grow your business.
  • Our brand mileage & contacts – both regionally and globally, will serve as potential resources for you to tap into. Together we shall take your business on the path to success and profitability.

Be a Headhunter now!

In order to regulate the number and quality of Headhunters in each region, join right away so you are given charge of your territory, and can also leverage from the first-mover advantage.