Resume View
What is Resume View
Showcase your resume to top placement consultants & employers @ so you can land to your dream job.
Our exclusive RESUME VIEW feature will ensure that your profile is seen by every verified recruiter that falls under your career segment, by notifying them that you are actively looking for a job.
We will also routinely forward your resume to the most relevant job openings posted by recruiters and employers that match your set preferences.
Feature of Resume View
  • Helps your job search by ensuring your active presence in the job market
  • Ensures constant visibility among verified recruiters within your industry segment
  • Betters your chance of landing the right job
Resume Marker
What is Resume Marker
Grab the recruiters’ attention with our specialized service - Resume Marker, wherein your resume will be displayed above the clutter of a zillion resumes, thus increasing your job prospects.
Moreover your resume gets refreshed every week to make it appear on top in recruiters’ search.
Feature of Resume Marker
  • List your profile as featured to ensure your resume stands out in the Angel-Jobs database
  • Your resume will rank higher in search results when recruiters seek Resumes of active candidates
  • Also get approached by more recruiters, as your resume will be visible even to recruiters not registered yet on
Skill Highlighter
What is Skill Highlighter
Highlight your skill-set with our special feature Skill Highlighter, and let the recruiters know that you are their perfect candidate, in an instant.
Angel-Jobs’ SKILL HIGHLIGHTER gives your resume a lead in terms of exposure to recruiters. With the focus on your skills, you can draw a recruiter’s immediate attention to particular expertise or competence by highlighting specific skill sets, thus enabling brighter career possibilities.
Feature of Skill Highlighter
  • Brings your resume to the forefront during resume searches
  • Grabs potential employers’ immediate attention & view
  • Helps you receive interview calls from the right employer
What is ResumePro
Our expert Resume Writers will provide you the much-needed edge in this highly competitive world, whether you are starting out as a fresher, or in the middle management level, or right at the top of your career ladder.
Feature of ResumePro
  • Eye-catchy resume formats that highlight your candidature
  • Written by experts with years of experience specifically for you
  • Helps you to define your career objectives & goals clearly
  • Lets your skill-sets, experience and key achievements take centre stage

Job Posting
What is Job Posting
Have a job opening? Post a job to notify Jobseekers on and get immediate response!.
When you have a vacancy to fill, the bundles of resumes on your desk may appear like a mountainous pile of papers too arduous a task to sift, sort and select. offers you a host of solutions to cater to your recruiting needs, wherein you can post jobs online quickly, get responses immediately, manage responses with the utmost ease and schedule interviews with the most suitable candidates who match your requirement!.
Feature of Job Posting
  • With, you can post unlimited jobs for the period you have chosen, as per the plan.
  • Post a job by country, industry and such categories relevant to your recruitment needs, by simply filling in a single form, and get immediate response.
  • Manage your Job Postings easily with just a click, whether it is to edit, delete or repost.
  • You can refresh vacancies periodically with a simple click of the ‘refresh’ button.
  • ‘Auto-complete’ your current postings by selecting previously posted jobs and save significant time.
  • ‘Auto-save’ ensures details filled in by you are saved quickly to overcome session time-out or network issues .
  • ‘Response Manager’ allows you to view & manage the responses that you receive against each posting.
Candidate Search
What is Candidate Search
Candidate Search is our extensive (and growing) Resume Database of active Job Seekers placed world-over, which you as a recruiter can access on subscription. It helps you access the Resumes and Profiles of Jobseekers from various industries, functions and experience verticals. You can search and filter the Resumes according to your preferences through our advanced search engine and access the most relevant resumes in a jiffy!. holds a large database of jobseekers, which is growing everyday and within this database, is your perfect candidate. Try it and experience recruitment like never before!
Feature of Candidate Search
  • Get access to the most premium database of resumes online @ – with thousands of active jobseekers from various industry, functional and experience verticals .
  • Access the most relevant resumes and shortlist the most suitable candidates.
  • With our advanced search engine and search filters, you can seek-out your perfect candidate easily
  • Advertise and let hundreds of aspirants – from fresher’s to veterans - know about the Job Openings in your Company.

What is Courses
Is it the beginning of a New Academic Year or the Commencement of a new semester? Whatever the reason you can post your courses here and be assured to get a horde of applications!
Feature of Courses
  • Post Courses the University Offering and get n-number of applications from Prospective Students
  • Let the eager student body what courses your university offers
  • Inform Students about the Courses and allied Details and avoid frequent enquires on Phone and in person
  • Attract eligible and suitable Candidates who are interested
  • Applications can be easy to manage and eligibility of the Applicant easy to determine
  • Cost-effective module – Less expenditure on manpower, marketing and logistics. Less wastage of time and Effort!
  • Showcase University’s dynamic and diverse Academic Curriculum and Interest
  • Create a free e-Prospectus with all the required details
Students Data
What is Data
Student Search is our extensive (and growing) Student Resume Database of active and prospective students across, which you can access on subscription. It gives you the unique opportunity to select suitable candidate who are seeking education with ease and simplicity! On subscription, you can access the Resumes and Profiles of Students from various regions, irrespective geographical boundaries. You can search and filter the Resumes according to your preferences through our powerful search engine and access thousands of Resumes swiftly! holds a large database of students, which is growing every day. Try it and experience the revolution in education!
Feature of Data
  • Get access to the most premium database of Students online @
  • Access the most relevant Resumes and Contact the most suitable candidates
  • Advertise and let hundreds of aspiring applicants know about your courses
  • With our powerful search engine and search filters, you can seek-out your perfect candidate easily
  • Recruit candidates by transcending geographic limitation. Access our Resume database and recruit candidates based on Local, National and International parameters!