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Jobs in Kuwait 2020-2021

Around two-third of the jobs in Kuwait are occupied by the foreign nationals. When you have a chance to take a job in here, plan for a career boost! The country's vast oil reserves and tremendous immigrant opportunities draw thousands of people to work in this country each year.

Kuwait has an attractive job market for expats with one of the lowest unemployment rates worldwide, and no personal income taxes. Thanks to the many international corporations and the English-speaking population, job seekers don't need to be proficient in Arabic language.

Highest paying jobs in Kuwait - Which jobs are best in Kuwait?

Kuwait is the largest Oil producer country in Asia. It is the main source of revenue for the country's earnings. Kuwait's GDP is so big that oil workers and associated industries smile to the bank all the way. The highest paying jobs in Kuwait are in the mining, engineering and finance sectors.

Current figures show that a Kuwaiti real estate manager earns more than 6500 KWD, which is the highest wage of all industries. Financial Reporting Consultant is a profession standing second in the highest paying jobs in Kuwait with a salary of more than 6700 KWD.

Human Resources Managers in Kuwait are handled in a special way, much like CEO because of their role in the job. Because of that, they actually earn respectable salaries above 6000 KWD. In Kuwait our fourth highest paying occupation is Public Relations Manager. Current figures indicate a PR Manager makes marginally less than a manager of human resources.

Environmental impact assessment is a cumbersome activity, hence environmental managers in Kuwait are highly compensated with a salary around 5000 KWD.

Information Technology is a special career dedicated to creative individuals. In Kuwait, those skills are highly sought-after and the talent is limited. Latest compensation figures show that an IT director is being compensated just like an Environmental Manager.

Other well-paying jobs in Kuwait include Bank Branch Managers, Business Development Managers, Chief executive Officers, Geologists, Electric and Electronic Engineers.

Benefits of pursuing IT jobs in Kuwait - What are the advantages of IT jobs?

It's no secret that the tech industry's job market is among the most lucrative in Kuwait. Here are a few top benefits of pursuing IT jobs in Kuwait.

  • Highest Paid Remunerations - Most of the highest paid workers are in the software industry. Not to mention, the entry-level salary is also always high, usually about $60,000 a year and higher.
  • Less Competition - Though highly paid jobs in Kuwait are in the IT sector, there is still a scarcity of software professionals. Hence there is a great scope of getting IT jobs in Kuwait due to less number of competitors in the market.
  • Working Flexibility - Through the rise of remote working technology, workers are becoming more versatile. Cloud storage, video conferencing, fast internet that's easily available around the world; you name it. There's increasingly no longer any reason to go into an office every day.
  • Mentally Stimulating work - Since tech jobs are performed on computers, there is hardly any boring, repetitive work. Tedious activities are easily automated, leaving the everyday routine full of complex application design, demanding problem-solving and strategic planning.
  • Tons of viable career paths - Tech employees have a wide variety of career prospects ranging from full-stack engineering. Software engineers will go on to become technical experts, people administrators, designers of product business plans or even technologically twisted sales representatives.

Teaching Jobs in Kuwait

English Teaching jobs in Kuwait is a very common choice for working in Kuwait, as in many other countries. English teachers are also strongly in demand in private colleges, as well as in universities and private international schools. Private lessons are also becoming increasingly common, although they are mainly a means of supplementing their income to regular teachers.

Depending on the institution, candidates for teaching jobs typically need a university degree in TEFL and some teaching experience to work as an English teacher in Kuwait. Translators are also in demand, but generally only on a part-time or short-term basis.

What is the average salary in kuwait?

The average salary in Kuwait is 1250 KWD per month. All of the data was based on 800 person wage entries surveyed. The average annual take home salary is about 15,000 KWD. Wages range from 1250 KWD (lowest average) to 6,000 KWD (highest average, higher real gross salary).

These are the average monthly wage including housing, transportation and other benefits. Wages differ significantly between professions. If you are interested in the checking position wise salaries in Kuwait, see details above for different job titles and salaries paid.

Is it easy to get a job in Kuwait - How to apply for Jobs here?

To apply for jobs in Kuwait or Gulf countries, first of all you need Self discipline and then comes the rest such as good skills, experience and qualification. The majority of recruitment in the Middle East countries is conducted by the government approved agencies. There are many online job portals and gulf recruitment agencies through which you can find your dream job in Kuwait.

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Angel Gulf Jobs team are extremely expert and always produce the best outcome according to your needs. You just have to communicate with the team and exchange details about your requirement. And the rest leave on the team. Upload your credentials and CV on Angel Gulf Jobs portal and apply to jobs that are posted.

Try to attempt as many interviews as possible. The initial failures will not let you down. Many interviews will have written assessments, some will ask you to submit your previous work with them. Almost all the overseas interviewers are very casual and in no way would make you uncomfortable.

What are the requirements to work in Kuwait for Indians?

If you are an Indian who has obtained a job in Kuwait, then your employer has to obtain a work permit from the Kuwait’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. To use this permit your employer has to submit your personal information.

You will have to give your passport to your employer and display it to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. The applicant has to get a NOC 9No Objection Certificate) from the General Administration of Criminal Investigation at the Interior Ministry.

Once the employer receives a visa for work, they will send you (the employee) the same along with the NOC. Upon obtaining the 2 papers, you will first go to India for a medical examination. The examination must be performed at a clinic approved by the Consulate of Kuwait. You will be asked to submit the original visa to the medical centre. It'll do a blood check and an x-ray.

A medical record should show you're in good health and have no infectious diseases. Besides this you will also receive a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from the RPO (Regional Passport Office).