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Jobs in Oman 2020

If you are interested in pursuing a job in Oman 2020-21, there are a few niche occupations to work outside of a conventional intra-company transfer. Besides thriving fields such as the petrochemical industry and tourism, other development sectors should also be considered such as Construction and logistics, water management and irrigation development schemes, power production, waste management and recycling, medical devices, healthcare, biotechnology services and electrical equipment.

In addition, particular attention should be paid to businesses operating in free zones, such as those in Sohar and Salalah, or in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat, where IT firms such as Microsoft and Oracle locate their local headquarters.

The quota for "Omanization" is smaller for foreign-owned company workers in free zones. This means less job insecurity for you while working in Oman.

What are the high Salary Jobs in Oman?

Monthly earnings statistics as per the Gulf Business Salary Survey - While the survey has served well over the years and provided a valuable insight into the benefits overseas immigrants might receive for a variety of key roles.

  • CEO or Managing Director - 23K to 33K USD
  • General Manager - 10K to 13K USD
  • Real Estate Manager - 8K to 10K USD
  • Professional Lawyer - 8K to 10K USD
  • IT Manager - 7K to 8K USD
  • Digital Marketing Manager - 5K to 7K USD
  • HR Manager - 5K to 7K USD
  • Senior Accountant - 3K to 5K USD

It is becoming increasingly clear that the positions included were not necessarily representative of the job market as we progressed towards the end of the decade.

What is the average salary in Oman?

An individual working in Oman usually earns around 1,500 OMR per month. Wages range from 500 OMR (lowest average) to 8,000 OMR (highest average, higher real gross salary).

This is the average monthly wage for housing, transportation and other benefits. Wages differ significantly between professions. If you are interested in the salary of a particular position, see below for different work titles for salaries. The amount of experience is the most important determinant of the wage. Obviously the higher the pay the more years of experience.

In general terms, workers with two to five years of experience receive an average of 32 per cent more than new and junior workers in all sectors and disciplines. Professionals with more than five years of experience expect to gain 36 per cent more on average than those with five years of job experience or less.

When you hit the 10-year mark, the pay rises by 21 percent for those who passed the 15-year mark and an extra 14 per cent. Those figures are shown only as guidance. When you consider one job title at a time, then the numbers are more relevant.

What are the working conditions in Oman?

The regular work week, according to Omani labor law, starts from Saturday to Thursday, and has 40–48 hours. When an employee is required to work overtime to complete a job or project, he or she has the opportunity to earn either extra pay or time off in compensation.

The majority of foreign employees are well-paid professionals — overseas employees who get the short end of the stick are usually unskilled workers.

Benefits of pursuing jobs in Oman for Indians

  • Tax Free Earnings - The tax haven status of the countries is a big lure for expats moving to Oman. Your earnings or Income is not taxed, as is usual in some of the Gulf nations.
  • Cost of living in Oman is more reasonable than many neighboring countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
  • High Salary Jobs.
  • Visa and Travel costs are mostly borne by the employers.
  • Annual one months paid leave
  • Cheap cost of local transportation.
  • Fast and easy to travel, being a neighbouring country.
  • Good quality of lifestyle.
  • Safe country to live with a very low crime rate.

How to apply for Jobs in Oman?

It is best to come to Oman with a job already lined up and with sufficient funding and accommodation awaiting you. The easiest way to find jobs in Oman is through Angel Management Consultants, a government approved overseas recruitment agency in Mumbai, India.

Willing to pursue a job in Oman? If you've never traveled abroad, the journey will be daunting and you know the pressure that lies ahead. Angel Gulf Jobs, no matter what point you are at, may be of assistance with a full operation.

You might try the Angel Gulf Jobs Portal to search a specific industry, technical field or organization in Oman for your job requirement.

What are the requirements to work in Oman?

The process for foreign workers to work in Oman is often focused on the employer, who must obtain several documents if they are to remain an extended term employee. The employer must obtain a work visa for the overseas employee to enter Oman, a resident card to stay in the country and a residency permit.

All these documents apply in Oman to employees aged between 21 and 60 who have received an employment offer from an Omani company. The employer is the visa sponsor and will typically receive the necessary visas and permits from the Manpower Ministry.

Once the employee has obtained the employment visa and residency card, they will begin work with the employer in Oman.