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Jobs in Qatar 2020

It has been observed over the last few decades that Qatar has been one of the most lucrative job markets for both national and foreign workers. The explanation for this attraction is that very attractive packages are offered for the jobs in Qatar as salary for the services they provide there. In Qatar the workers are paid about the same wage as in Western countries.

Yet, because of the lack of personal taxes and higher net profits, it would not be unfair to say that Qatar's economy is given more importance than the Western markets. This means that workers in Qatar earn more net income due to no or less personal taxes than people employed in western countries.

Statistics indicate that salaries in Qatar 2020-21 will be 3 per cent higher than wages paid in 2019 to date. Data shows this pattern is to be expected over the entire 2020 year. It is important to note here that these numbers differ somewhat between business and industry.

In general, however, City Doha is considered a better place to work, and employees are given well-deserved remuneration according to their skills and abilities.

What is the average salary in Qatar?

In Qatar the average monthly salary is 16K QAR per month. The minimum wage is 2.5K QAR per month while the highest salary is 69K QAR per month.

In Doha city, workers earn at least a minimum Salary of 2.5K QAR and earn a maximum of 73K QAR per month. The average salary here is approximately around 17K QAR per month. Such figures show that the Doha city wage rate is higher compared with the country's overall wage rate..

What are the highest paying jobs in Qatar?

Thousands of job seekers from around the globe come to Qatar for better employment opportunities, reflected in the diverse and vibrant workforce in the region.

Now, if you're wondering which jobs are paying the most in the country, the following list has the answer. These are the Sector wise highest paid jobs in Qatar:

  • Information and Technology - 55K to 60K QAR
  • Infrastructure and constructions - 35K to 40K QAR
  • Banking and Finance - 45K to 55K QAR
  • Marketing and Advertising - 45K to 50K QAR
  • Real Estate - 40K to 45K QAR
  • Hospitality and Tourism Industry - 35K to 40K QAR
  • Airlines - 40K to 45K QAR

Salary compensation also depends upon the designation and position in the industry. The top positions such as CEO and Managing Directors approximately draw Salary between 75K to 100K per month or even more in certain cases.

What are the benefits of pursuing jobs in Qatar?

In Qatar, remuneration comprises a very decent wage, as well as some additional benefits. In addition to the basic wages, further benefits are paid in the form of insurance, gratuity, annual leave, sick leave and pilgrimage leave.

In certain cases, employers pay their workers remuneration in the form of one regular wage and a few extra benefits. Recently, however, most employers pay only one salary that includes all the above-mentioned benefits and privileges.

Besides, it's more than the money you're going to earn. Living and working in Qatar is a beautiful experience in its own and maybe it is more satisfying to experience its enriched culture than the financial benefits you would certainly enjoy.

What are the requirements to work in Qatar?

The laws regulating the employment of employees in Qatar are regulated by Labor Law Law No. 14 of 2004, which is administered by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs' Labor Department.

A permanent residency visa and a work permit are required for persons intending to work in Qatar in order to work legally in Qatar. The employer serves as the employee's local sponsor and arranges the appointments required to get both the visa and the permit.

The documentation required by an employer for a work permit are as follows:

  • Completed Labour Ministry application form
  • Employment Contract
  • Valid Passport of the employee
  • Educational and experience documents of the employee
  • Health Certificate of the employee
  • Biometrics fingerprint test

Is it easy to get Job in Qatar?

Due to the traditional kafala sponsorship system which binds the employee to the employer, the employment process for Qatar is much more complex than other countries. Employers have far more power over the employee in matters of employment, where employees must obtain an exit visa and the employer's consent before terminating their work and leaving the country.

Furthermore, Qatarization puts employment priority on Qatari employees, while non-Qatari employees can only be employed if it is approved by the Labor Department, work permits are given, and if such overseas staff is required. When recruiting jobs in Qatar, close consideration of those factors must be provided.

How to get Job in Qatar?

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