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Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world's most exciting and fastest-growing cities, leading the globe in creativity of every kind. Here, bigger is better and it reveals the capabilities in the towers, islands and grant opportunities.

However, Dubai is an expensive place to stay. If you're considering moving to this fast-moving region of the United Arab Emirates, you'll have to find a way to support yourself. The UAE has no national minimum wage, meaning there is a lot of difference in pay for different types of jobs in Dubai.

With each year that passes, Dubai is becoming a dream destination for talented expats from all over the world who are making plans to relocate to Dubai. Owing to luxurious life and good career growth, people come to Dubai for Job hunting.

So if you're ready to move into the booming job market in Dubai, where do you get started? This small guide will take you through the most important steps, including job requirements, top companies in Dubai, where to search for jobs, etc.

What jobs are in demand in Dubai?

Looking for a job in the UAE? As regards the most desirable skills in Dubai as per statistical analysis are data mining, public relations, international business developers, algorithm analysts, web developers, SEO / SEM Specialists and UI/UX designers were listed in the same report among the top qualifications for those seeking jobs in Dubai.

Although the overall financial status of the emirate is stable, not every job market is ready to bounce back. There are some areas that are expected to flourish in preparation for the hosting duties for Dubai at Expo 2020.

Some industries and job roles where job seekers may find good options include:

  • Information and Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Banking and Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Procurement
  • HR and Legal
  • Engineering
  • Operations

Top Companies in Dubai?

Many businesses in Dubai are well known for their robust recruiting and excellent positioning as places to work. Retail stores THE One, Splash, Estee Lauder and Hilti Emirates, advertising conglomerate Omnicom, IT professionals EMC2, Hilton Worldwide, Weber Shandwick Professional services and FedEx are in the top 10 of those companies.

What are the highest and the lowest paying jobs in Dubai?

In the UAE, salary ranges differ depending on the position of industry, business or work profile.

Top roles like Chief Executive Officers in the banking sector draw a gross monthly Salary between 100K to150K AED according to Charterhouse's remuneration guide, a global recruiting company. The monthly wage of a country head is even higher, oscillated between 130K to 170K AED. Many in the lower ranks earn between 10K to 20K AED, as do company officers.

However the scene looks different at the bottom of the pay scale. Between 2.5K to 8K AED monthly Salary receptionists and secretaries get, while office staff earn between 2K to 6K AED per month. Nevertheless, the pay could be between 10K to 15K AED for secretaries with bilingual skills and computer skills and shorthand with years of experience in a multinational.

Gardeners earn 500 to 1000 AED, labourers get 600 to 1,500 AED and 700 to 2K AED for maids or nannies every month.

What are the benefits of pursuing jobs in Dubai?

Dubai can be characterized in terms of leisure, religion, culture, tradition, sports, city-sized malls and skyscrapers and is renowned for providing the most favorable work atmosphere. This has drawn professionals from across the globe to pursue jobs in Dubai and this influx has helped to make the city a culturally diverse place to stay and work.

If you have a plan to live and work in Dubai, you should know few of the benefits that you will get

  • Diverse Culture
  • Tax free Income
  • Global Exposure
  • Plenty of Job Opportunities
  • Attractive Salary packages
  • Safe and peaceful life
  • Cheap Vehicles and Fuel
  • Best Quality lifestyle

What are the requirements to work in Dubai?

When you intend to work in Dubai you will need a visa for work. The good news is they are pretty easy to get if you're employed by a Dubai based Organisation. Since a work visa is required, going to Dubai after you've been offered a position is a wise option.

This being said, you can also visit the emirate on a tourist visa and attend job interviews scheduled in advance, and then switch your visa status once you've found a job.

Many Dubai visitors aren't expected to get a visa in advance; one will be given to them upon arrival, Indian visitors can apply for a UAE e-visa, which is issued to you on your email within 4 to 7 working days.

Yet traveling on a tourist visa and looking for a job is not recommended, as living in Dubai without a job for two to three months is not affordable. And in case you don't find a job and a work visa, you will have to leave the country before your tourist visa expires.

Please do not overstay or try to work on a tourist visa as you will be detained or fined and deported if you are found working on a visitor visa.

Is it easy to get Job in Dubai?

Yes, sometimes you feel it's very difficult to find a job in Dubai especially when you don't get the proper response. This usually happens because competition for jobs has increased tremendously among people from every region, I think, in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Now, having a job in the UAE depends entirely on your skills, qualifications, experience and occupation.

The work market in Dubai is highly competitive and on average. Your first impression reflects from your resume, which you distribute online to various recruiters. A recruiter can spend just six seconds checking out your resume. It is necessary to avoid the pitfalls of major CVs, including using buzzwords.

Rest though grabbing a job in Dubai is not so difficult but at the same time not so easy. The best way is to get enrolled with an overseas recruitment agency approved by the ministry of labour like Angel Gulf Jobs in Mumbai, India.

How to get Job in Dubai?

To get a better idea of what companies are hiring in Dubai, get in touch with Angel Gulf Jobs, a fastest growing, professionally managed Gulf job consultants based in Mumbai, India, registered with the Government of India Ministry of Labour.

We provide its services across UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia & the entire Gulf. The organization is equipped with the necessary infrastructure in Mumbai & the Gulf region.

Most companies in Dubai employ through Angel Gulf Jobs. Working with an agency is very popular, and it is still the best way to get a job within the emirates.